Playground fun



So I’m sitting here at a beautiful Redcliffe park, watching my son & other kids playing on some pretty cool equipment, thanks to the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

A thought occurs.  When do we stop enjoying movement like a child does?  Why?  Are we too tired? Too sore?  Too busy?

Simply running around for a child is enjoyable,  the endorphins pump through their little bodies, giving them a natural high.

They stop when they’re hungry or tired – or when we drag them away!

How much healthier would we as a society be, if we played more often? and maybe take a little break of our devices,  though if you want to do something after a little break from the exercise you can try online games, you can  get professional gaming services and understand a little better about this, and you will see how this might help to free yourself from sore muscles, and of course if the reason you can’t play is because of pain – then I can certainly help.  

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