The very first post on my first website! From a skydiver’s point of view, I owe a lot of beer right now… From a fitness professional’s point of view, as I’ve been sitting for a long period of time, I’d better get my heart rate up by running up & down the stairs, or do a few push-ups…
From a Remedial Massage Therapist’s point of view, I’d better do a few stretches to stop my fascia from tightening up in my ‘old’ injuries.

The weather’s a bit dreary here in Redcliffe, so comfort food will be high on the agenda today. Make sure you either watch the kilo joule intake, or earn your meal first, to save your body from storing all that good nutrition as extra cushioning fat cells.

Nice to meet you & I hope you enjoy the ride – I find it amusing at times, too.


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