Training over 50’s

I love helping people.  It’s what I do best.  Working with people who have health issues & specific needs is a normal part of being a Personal Trainer.  I am filled with dismay when I speak to people who have specific needs, & go to take the big step to better their life & health & fitness, only to be treated like a number & asked to perform tasks that their bodies cannot yet do.  This is heartbreaking for me to hear, but I can’t imagine how distressing it can be for someone to feel like they can’t make it.  You can make it.  You can overcome.  You need someone who listens & modifies exercises so you can do it now.  You need achievable goals set for you & someone to be accountable to, so you are motivated to do those exercises & stretches.  If you know someone who is ready to make the empowering step to better their predicament, please let them know there is someone who is determined to help them – at their body’s pace.

See training and being healthy means different things depending on your current age, health, and general state. You’re not going to ask a 23 year old who never plays sports to do the same things as a 23 year old who was been playing football his whole life, for example. Being out of shape or not young anymore are similar, in that you start slow, doing what you can, and progressing from there. I have built a gym for my home over the years, always being on the lookout for Primo Fitness USA used exercise equipment that I can afford to have a more complete workout. I am able to provide a more private experience, much different from a normal gym, where there is no pressure and/or judgement, only support. I aim to keep you motivated and celebrate your reached goals with you while keeping you safe and at your own pace.





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